You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice Bobs Her Hair  (via i8yurcookie)

(Source: fitzgeraldquotes)

Anonymous sent: You are beautiful and you are spectacular. You deserve only the sweetest kisses and the warmest cuddles. I hope you get all the affection your little heart can handle. <3

<3 I love these types of messages <3 I have neither of these things but my career is more important to me right now! My sewing machine is currently my only companion! 

Anonymous sent: Hey cutie! :D love that pirate transformation you look super adorable, like always but what TV show are you staring in! :)

Its a episode of a night in vegas type of limo show! different groups every episode! It’ll be interesting to see when it airs next year!


weirdo kitties II.



Rare bat with two heads.




Asiatic Golden Cat by Anne-Marie Kalus

One of my all-time favorite exotic cat species. 


TIMS CRAFT TATTOO & Andrew Lukovnikov